Best European Restaurants in Seville

Restaurante San Marco Santa Cruz

$$$ C. Mesón Del Moro, 6, 41003, Seville
Italian Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
San Marco Santa Cruz is a restaurant located in some ancient Arab baths preserved from the 12th century. The location is incredible, like entering an old temple, all in stone, really impressive. Our cuisine is Mediterranean with an Italian character, based on local ingredients to guarantee a stimulating and unparalleled flavour, without affecting the Italian tradition of the dishes, but revisiting it with a sprinkling of Andalusia to give a different and unique touch.

L'Oca Giuliva

$$ C. Mateos Gago, 9, 41004, Seville
Italian European Fast Casual Pizzeria
Our pasta, bread, pizza and desserts are strictly homemade. For our dishes, we use PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and ETG (Guaranteed Traditional Specialty) products from different regions of Italy. Our kitchen carefully chooses fresh and quality products. A cuisine prepared with love and dedication, as true Italian cuisine teaches. Cosy place with, romantic air soft colours, paintings, flowers and old memories. We prepare our fresh pasta every day, our pizza is wood-fired, and our bread and our desserts are homemade. We use fresh raw materials and typical products imported directly from Italy.

Mirador San Fernando

$$$ C. San Fernando, 23, 41004, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining
The Mirador San Fernando is a restaurant located in the heart of Seville. The restaurant is welcoming and has a fair number of seats. The Mirador offers Mediterranean cuisine, with a preference for the Iberian tradition, accompanying its dishes with a vast wine list, having a beautiful open cellar. The menu is vast, ranging from first courses from land to second courses from the sea and beyond, with tapas and excellent cuts of meat to be served with an excellent seasonal red.

Palo Cortao

$$$ C. Mercedes De Velilla, 4, 41004, Seville
European Premium Casual
Palo Cortao is the place to sit and relax. With us, food is a religion, and as such, it comes first in our thoughts. Our menu is extensive and ranges from land to sea, from first courses to second courses, without forgetting our beloved tapas, accompanied by an iced blonde or a glass of bright red. The restaurant is welcoming, revisited in a modern key, without losing the warmth that has distinguished it over the years.

De La O

$$$$ Paseo De Ntra. Sra. De La O, 29, 41010, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining
At De La O the cuisine of origin is the Andalusian one, with market products, in season, which follows the seasonal rhythms to cook them respecting the qualities and the original flavour. We are looking for local producers who offer us their fresh and native raw materials, without travelling long distances. We offer Iberian meat dishes from the Sierra de Huelva, fish from the estuaries of Cadiz, seafood from the fish market of Isla Cristina, mushrooms from the Aroche peaks and vegetables from the orchards of the Guadalquivir valley.

Sal Gorda

$$ C. Alcaicería De La Loza, 23, 41004, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Fast Casual Family Style
At Sal Gorda, we are ready to make you live a culinary experience worthy of the best carnivorous palates of Seville. With us only meats of excellent quality, controlled, and raised on pasture, guaranteeing a flavour and a consistency that you will hardly find elsewhere. A steakhouse that will leave you with a full stomach, with its cuts of meat, but also with its first and second courses, never neglecting the Andalusian traditions, with an eye to our game.


$$$ P.º De Catalina De Ribera, 4, 41004, Seville
Spanish International European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Vineria San Telmo is a lifestyle, a mantra. Our restaurant welcomes everyone and guarantees the best. Our wines, from all over the world, accompany your lunch or dinner, giving space to the imagination. Together with them, our tapas dishes, are based on Iberian Jamon, cheeses, and appetizers, but also pasta, meat and fish. In short, you will all be satisfied properly.

Burladero Tapas Y Tintos

$$$ C. Canalejas, 1, 41001, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
At El Burladero the main course is about our tapas. A Sevillian favourite, this bullfighting venue triumphs thanks to the play of tradition and modernity of the famous chef Javier Rico Martín. In this gastronomic space, you can choose between a tapas restaurant, a menu or a personalized dining experience from our terrace with a breathtaking view of beautiful Seville. The chef satisfies the most demanding palates through a proposal faithful to the Andalusian flavour, but with an avant-garde touch. A corner, with many references to the world of bullfighting, where tradition is reinvented. The taste of Seville through its more traditional dishes, such as salmorejo or the exquisite bull's tail.

Mechela Arenal

$$$ C. Pastor Y Landero, 20, 41001, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining
At Mechela Restaurante we offer traditional cuisine, revised by a more contemporary approach and in a simple, elegant and relaxed atmosphere. In our kitchen, the important thing is the product. A fresh menu is full of updated traditional dishes. Our products are native and fresh of the day, we take care of every detail in detail, to make your culinary experience unique.

Perro Viejo (Perro Viejo Tapas Bar)

$$ C. Arguijo, 3, 41003, Seville
Spanish International European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Tapas bar in the heart of Seville. It all started in a typical Sevillian house where the ancient and the modern of the city converge, both in design and in gastronomy. Our menu offers a variety of dishes, ranging from land to sea, with a pinch of modernity to accompany each course, cooked with the utmost passion by our chefs. Come and pamper yourself at Perro Viejo, for tapas, wine and beer, in the company of friends or family.

Justa Rufina

$$ Pl. De La Magdalena, 5, 41001, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
The Just Rufina is a wonderful place, where you can taste the best-revisited dishes of our traditions, accompanied by delicious cocktails, close to a wonderful terrace to take your breath away. Our rooftop is the flagship of a new structure, where you can host singing events and dancers, and enjoy a good dish and a good wine, with a breathtaking view over the heart of Seville. What more could you want?

Restaurante Ispal | Grupo La Raza

$$$$ Pl. San Sebastián, 1, 41004, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
ISPAL is the primitive name of the city of Seville dating back to the end of the eighth century BC. and it meant "flat land". A gastronomic journey that crosses the towns of the province of Seville through its flavours. Ispal is a restaurant designed to let you taste a wide range of Sevillian cuisine, which is why we have prepared two tasting menus that bring back the flavours of our province. Join us on this walk through the best Sevillian cuisine and let us surprise you.


$$ Calle Feria, 98 - Nave 2 Puestos 92,93, 99, 41003, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Fast Casual Family Style
Condendé is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. Our restaurant is presented in street mode, simple, easy-going, for everyone, friends and families. Our food is healthy, genuine and above all indigenous. Our fresh products, taken from our country's suppliers, are a guarantee. Thanks to the chef, our menu offers the best that the Iberian tradition can offer, tapas, first and second courses of sea and land, with a look at the wine list, without leaving anyone behind.

Manolo Leon's House

$$$$ C/ Guadalquivir, 8, 41002, Seville
Spanish European Elegant & Chic
The Manolo León brand was born in Matalascañas, a seaside resort that belongs to the city of Almonte (Huelva), in the year 1986. The place is harmonious, with 4 rooms decorated with different themes. Our splendid outdoor garden is the real highlight of our restaurant. Evocative, almost surreal fairytale place, where you can enjoy lunch or dinner, tasting our delicious traditional dishes, accompanied by an excellent bottle of wine, letting yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment.

Abades Triana Restaurante

$$$$ C. Betis, 69, 41010, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Abades Triana is located on Betis Street in Seville, next to the Guadalquivir River and opposite the Torre del Oro, in the popular neighborhood of Triana. The panoramic view in the main dining room makes it the perfect enclave to see the river as protagonist and admire the view of the Torre dell'Oro, the Giralda and the Maestranza. The spectacular setting surrounding our restaurant adds to the high professionalism and experience of our team, as well as the quality of the raw materials. We will make you live a unique gastronomic experience, where Innovation and Tradition come together to offer new nuances and flavors.

Los Rincones Del Marqués

$$$$ C. Santiago, 31, 41003, Seville
Spanish International European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Los Rincones del Marqués is what 15th century Seville was for the rest of the world: a beautiful place, nestled in the Hotel Villapanés, a spectacular 18th-century palace, where foreigners and Sevillians can discover the flavours of other cuisines and cultures without losing the Andalusian essence. The proposals of the chef Jorge Cortés represent the cuisine and the origin of a healthy Mediterranean cuisine, which, more than a story, is a healthy way of understanding life, and which reflects the way of being, the way of life and the personality affable and distinct of the Andalusian character.

Restaurante Almansa · Pasión & Brasas

$$ C. Albareda, 13, 41001, Seville
European Mediterranean Premium Casual
At the Asador Almansa Restaurant, tradition and passion for meat merge to offer a unique culinary experience. We invite you to join us and enjoy the excellence of our grilled meats, prepared with love and skill, in a cozy atmosphere full of history. We hope to see you soon in our new home in Seville!

Espacio Eslava

$$$$ C. Eslava, 3, 41002, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Eslava is a project started in 1988 by two young gastronomy enthusiasts: Sixto and Rosa, newlyweds who, after having grown up “inside the kitchen”, decided to launch an innovative space with a strong family character. In fact, three complementary proposals converge with us, sharing values, and team and family personalities. The Eslava restaurant, a key landmark in Seville, the apartments, charming accommodation in the city centre, and the Eslava kitchen, our latest instalment, allow you to enjoy our food at home. Our dishes prepared by expert chefs bring the best to the table, with fresh products from the sea and land, which surprise the palate with fresh and refined tastes.

Restaurante Pizzeria Alimentari Cucina Italiana

$$$ C. Bartolomé De Medina, 21, Izq, 41004, Seville
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Pizzeria
Alimentari is a pizza restaurant where you can savour real Italian cuisine. Here you will find only Italian dishes prepared with originality and tradition by our chefs Ciro and Lorenzo. The passion for cooking, the excellence of the raw material, and the search for quality products, together with the desire to make the Italian gastronomic panorama known, have pushed us to continue our business here in Spain, a country that has welcomed us and gave us the opportunity to keep the flame of this dream burning. With these requirements, counting our long experience acquired in the historic centre of Rome and in various regional cuisines of Italy, we want to change hospitality and make our customers fall in love with those flavours and aromas typical of true and good Italian cuisine.


$$$ C. Alfalfa, 5, 41004, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Petra is a steakhouse restaurant located within the walls of the splendid Seville, the Andalusian capital. We specialize in cooking meat on stone, and this makes our dishes unique. Cooking on stone guarantees a flavour that differs from classic cooking, and guarantees the absolute quality certificate of our restaurant. The finest meats are accompanied by many side dishes, with vegan and gluten-free options that do not exclude any palate.
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