Best Casual Dining Restaurants in Seville

Mirador San Fernando

$$$ C. San Fernando, 23, 41004, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining
The Mirador San Fernando is a restaurant located in the heart of Seville. The restaurant is welcoming and has a fair number of seats. The Mirador offers Mediterranean cuisine, with a preference for the Iberian tradition, accompanying its dishes with a vast wine list, having a beautiful open cellar. The menu is vast, ranging from first courses from land to second courses from the sea and beyond, with tapas and excellent cuts of meat to be served with an excellent seasonal red.

El Rinconcillo

$$$$ C. Gerona, 40, 41003, Seville
Spanish Mediterranean Casual Dining
El Rinconcillo, the oldest bar in Seville, is a place with centuries of history located in the historic center. From 1670 to today, thousands of people have been fascinated by this place which retains the magical flavor of old Seville. Enjoying its renowned and delicious tapas in this place with a unique atmosphere is like taking a journey through time that enchants visitors from all over the world every day. The delicious tapas and mouth-watering meals on its menu retain the true essence of typical Andalusian-Mozarabic food.

Maccheroni & Co.

$$$ C. García De Vinuesa, 26-28, 41001, Seville
Italian Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
At Maccheroni & Co we love authentic Italian cuisine. The fresh handmade pasta and the naturally leavened pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven refer to an unforgettable memory. But Italian cuisine is much more and we also have meat, fish and seafood on our menu. Our pizza is produced with alcoholic fermentation that favours the extensibility of gluten. The result is a pizza that will benefit from light and hydration, in 86% of almost.


$$$ P.º De Catalina De Ribera, 4, 41004, Seville
Spanish International European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Vineria San Telmo is a lifestyle, a mantra. Our restaurant welcomes everyone and guarantees the best. Our wines, from all over the world, accompany your lunch or dinner, giving space to the imagination. Together with them, our tapas dishes, are based on Iberian Jamon, cheeses, and appetizers, but also pasta, meat and fish. In short, you will all be satisfied properly.

Mechela Arenal

$$$ C. Pastor Y Landero, 20, 41001, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining
At Mechela Restaurante we offer traditional cuisine, revised by a more contemporary approach and in a simple, elegant and relaxed atmosphere. In our kitchen, the important thing is the product. A fresh menu is full of updated traditional dishes. Our products are native and fresh of the day, we take care of every detail in detail, to make your culinary experience unique.

Al Aljibe

$$$ Alameda De Hércules, 76, 41002, Seville
Spanish Casual Dining
An old renovated house with over 10 years of history in the heart of the Alameda de Hércules, a reference point in the gastronomic scene of the city of Seville. With a cosmopolitan atmosphere, modern interiors with an almost artistic and futuristic influence, and high-quality cuisine. Our dishes guarantee the absolute quality, with the experience of our chef, in an offer that harmoniously combines space of charm, classic style and modernity, without fanfare, and an unbeatable setting in the heart of the historic district. We choose quality products and select all the ingredients to prepare all our dishes with care and elegance.

Espacio Eslava

$$$$ C. Eslava, 3, 41002, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Eslava is a project started in 1988 by two young gastronomy enthusiasts: Sixto and Rosa, newlyweds who, after having grown up “inside the kitchen”, decided to launch an innovative space with a strong family character. In fact, three complementary proposals converge with us, sharing values, and team and family personalities. The Eslava restaurant, a key landmark in Seville, the apartments, charming accommodation in the city centre, and the Eslava kitchen, our latest instalment, allow you to enjoy our food at home. Our dishes prepared by expert chefs bring the best to the table, with fresh products from the sea and land, which surprise the palate with fresh and refined tastes.

RICO Rinconete Y Cortadillo

$$$ C. San Jacinto, 35, 41010, Seville
Italian Spanish Mediterranean Casual Dining
A varied cuisine, ranging from Andalusia to the Italian coasts, passing through fusion dishes, without losing its Mediterranean identity. At Rico, Rinconete Y Cortadillo you will find all this. A mix of flavours and smells will lead you to live a culinary experience to remember for posterity. In the heart of beautiful Seville, Rico offers the best that the lands of the Mediterranean have to offer.

Restaurante Pizzeria Alimentari Cucina Italiana

$$$ C. Bartolomé De Medina, 21, Izq, 41004, Seville
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Pizzeria
Alimentari is a pizza restaurant where you can savour real Italian cuisine. Here you will find only Italian dishes prepared with originality and tradition by our chefs Ciro and Lorenzo. The passion for cooking, the excellence of the raw material, and the search for quality products, together with the desire to make the Italian gastronomic panorama known, have pushed us to continue our business here in Spain, a country that has welcomed us and gave us the opportunity to keep the flame of this dream burning. With these requirements, counting our long experience acquired in the historic centre of Rome and in various regional cuisines of Italy, we want to change hospitality and make our customers fall in love with those flavours and aromas typical of true and good Italian cuisine.


$$$ C. Alfalfa, 5, 41004, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Petra is a steakhouse restaurant located within the walls of the splendid Seville, the Andalusian capital. We specialize in cooking meat on stone, and this makes our dishes unique. Cooking on stone guarantees a flavour that differs from classic cooking, and guarantees the absolute quality certificate of our restaurant. The finest meats are accompanied by many side dishes, with vegan and gluten-free options that do not exclude any palate.

Il Ristorantino Dell´Avvocato

$$ C. Regina, 6, 41003, Seville
Italian Casual Dining Pizzeria
The Avvocato's Restaurant located in Plaza de La Encarnación, at the beginning of Calle Regina, is a place where you will find a corner of Naples, which will transport your palate through the characteristic gastronomy of this Italian city. National products are used, seasonal and of the best quality that is offered. It is almost a shame to miss out on delicacies such as the Arancino di Riso, the Fried Pizza with ricotta and mozzarella or the authentic Neapolitan Pizza, made with a special pizza dough with 75% hydration and 24 hours of fermentation. By doing this, light and tasty dough is obtained. The sweeter palates cannot leave without trying one of their desserts such as Tiramisù dell'Avvocato or I Cannoli Siciliani. To accompany the menu, they offer a wide selection of Italian wines, as well as a renewed offering of signature cocktails and mixed drinks to stretch after meals.

La Cayetana

$$ C. Javier Lasso De La Vega, 9, 41002, Seville
Spanish Mediterranean Casual Dining
"La Cayetana" is a small modern restaurant, where the traditional dishes of the Andalusian and Spanish culinary culture stand out. A welcoming, warm place, which guarantees the absolute quality of its products and the experience of our chefs to bring Iberian delicacies to the table.


$$$$ C. Chaves Nogales, 3, 41018, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Elegant & Chic
Specialists in cuisine based on seasonal products, where the distinctive feature of the Tribeca restaurant lies in the undisputed quality of the raw materials. Its menu, renewed every season and reinforced by a wide "Off Menu" offer, offers a revisited and reinterpreted market cuisine, where the flavours of our traditional recipes blend with new forms and culinary structures.

Antigua Abacería De San Lorenzo

$$$ C. Teodosio, 53, 41002, Seville
Spanish Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
THE ANCIENT SAN LORENZO ABACERIA has recovered the establishments that proliferated in our city from the times of Al Andalus (the word in fact derives from Arab roots) until the mid-twentieth century. The best legumes, the most natural vegetable preserves, honey, jams, fish preserves, Iberian acorn-fed pork sausages, a wide range of goat, sheep and cow cheeses, Picos, doughnuts, "regañás" and the most artisanal bread, traditional seasonal sweets, wines, liqueurs, oils and vinegar that best match every meal, in short, more than two hundred delicacies that you can enjoy in our restaurant and take home.

Il Pesciolino

$$$ C. Mateos Gago, 9b, 41004, Seville
Spanish Mediterranean Casual Dining
Enjoy fresh fish, shellfish and shellfish cooked with the utmost care for our guests, here at "Il Pesciolino" in Seville. The centre of our kitchen rests on the daily fresh catch that arrives on our counters, ready to be selected and cooked with innovative techniques that guarantee the preservation of the unmistakable taste and aroma of our fish. There is also an offer for vegetarians on our menu, without leaving anyone out.


$$$ C. Alemanes, 23, 41004, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining
We have the privilege of being at the foot of the Cathedral of Seville, in the mythical Calle Alemanes, with impressive views of the Giralda and Puerta del Perdón. We bet on regional producers and seasonal products that travel a few kilometres to reach our kitchen. We also work with Más Que Lechugas, organic producers who have grown three hectares of vegetables in the Aljarafe of Seville. Our menu is extensive and covers land and sea to offer paella and rice dishes, gourmet tapas and dishes such as Suquet de Dorada, Salted Prawns, Low-Temperature Suckling Kid or Tagliata de Buy Retina. We also have vegan and vegetarian options such as the "Oasis Salad" with vegetables, avocado and mint on quinoa or the "Makko" of beans with baked vegetables.

Burro Canaglia Bar&Resto - Centro

$$ C. San Pablo, 31, 41001, Seville
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining
The place where the traditional flavours of Italian gastronomy meet in Seville. Some people think that we do not like traditional Italian food at "Burro" and it is precisely for this reason that we make recipes so different and at the same time unique. Quite the opposite! It drives us crazy! Ready for the rogue revolution? Here you will taste the best traditional dishes and we mix them creating an explosion of unmistakable flavours that will leave you speechless.

Restaurante Donaire Azabache

$$ Calle Gral. Polavieja, 6, 41004, Seville
Spanish Mediterranean Casual Dining
Restaurante Donaire Azabache offers an extensive menu based on traditional Andalusian and Sevillian cuisine. Among its dishes, you will also find a wide variety of homemade products. Inside there is a room with a capacity of 20 people, ideal for any type of meal for companies, friends and family. Outside, our customers can enjoy a terrace with an unbeatable view of the Archivo de Indias and the Alcázar. Without a doubt, an ideal place to enjoy good times.


$$ Sacrificio, 3, 41018, Seville
Spanish Mediterranean Casual Dining
If you were looking for a tapas bar in the heart of Seville, you have come to the right place. Our cuisine does not deviate from Andalusian traditions and offers typical tapas dishes, from land to sea. Within the menu, there is a section dedicated to the healthiest dishes. The restaurant is warm and welcoming, perfect for family reunions or gatherings with friends, to enjoy excellent tapas, accompanied by an iced pint.
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