Best Elegant & Chic Restaurants in Seville

Restaurante San Marco Santa Cruz

$$$ C. Mesón Del Moro, 6, 41003, Seville
Italian Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
San Marco Santa Cruz is a restaurant located in some ancient Arab baths preserved from the 12th century. The location is incredible, like entering an old temple, all in stone, really impressive. Our cuisine is Mediterranean with an Italian character, based on local ingredients to guarantee a stimulating and unparalleled flavour, without affecting the Italian tradition of the dishes, but revisiting it with a sprinkling of Andalusia to give a different and unique touch.

Restaurante Recoveco

$$$$ C. Ortiz De Zúñiga, 8, 41004, Seville
Spanish Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
To fully enjoy both the flavour and a break and enjoy the family sitting at the table. A concept that enhances the senses, disconnects from movement and invites you to discover the textures, aromas and flavours of traditional cuisine. We invite you to a new way of rediscovering traditional gastronomy, with our elaborate cuisine, of a traditional character and with recipes typical of our gastronomy, where fresh and local products prevail.

Burladero Tapas Y Tintos

$$$ C. Canalejas, 1, 41001, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
At El Burladero the main course is about our tapas. A Sevillian favourite, this bullfighting venue triumphs thanks to the play of tradition and modernity of the famous chef Javier Rico Martín. In this gastronomic space, you can choose between a tapas restaurant, a menu or a personalized dining experience from our terrace with a breathtaking view of beautiful Seville. The chef satisfies the most demanding palates through a proposal faithful to the Andalusian flavour, but with an avant-garde touch. A corner, with many references to the world of bullfighting, where tradition is reinvented. The taste of Seville through its more traditional dishes, such as salmorejo or the exquisite bull's tail.

Sobretablas Restaurante

$$$$ C. Colombia, 7, 41013, Seville
Spanish Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Camila Ferraro and Robert Tetas, respectively cook and sommelier, with extensive professional experience in the world of haute cuisine, propose a new gastronomic proposal in Seville. Sobretablas is a perfect place to celebrate lunches and dinners in a relaxed atmosphere, with a culinary offer that binds to traditional cuisine with new flavours and elaborations in a menu that is renewed from year to year. A cuisine in continuous evolution, with great respect for the product, with new techniques and combined with the best wines.

Justa Rufina

$$ Pl. De La Magdalena, 5, 41001, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
The Just Rufina is a wonderful place, where you can taste the best-revisited dishes of our traditions, accompanied by delicious cocktails, close to a wonderful terrace to take your breath away. Our rooftop is the flagship of a new structure, where you can host singing events and dancers, and enjoy a good dish and a good wine, with a breathtaking view over the heart of Seville. What more could you want?

Restaurante Ispal | Grupo La Raza

$$$$ Pl. San Sebastián, 1, 41004, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
ISPAL is the primitive name of the city of Seville dating back to the end of the eighth century BC. and it meant "flat land". A gastronomic journey that crosses the towns of the province of Seville through its flavours. Ispal is a restaurant designed to let you taste a wide range of Sevillian cuisine, which is why we have prepared two tasting menus that bring back the flavours of our province. Join us on this walk through the best Sevillian cuisine and let us surprise you.

Manolo Leon's House

$$$$ C/ Guadalquivir, 8, 41002, Seville
Spanish European Elegant & Chic
The Manolo León brand was born in Matalascañas, a seaside resort that belongs to the city of Almonte (Huelva), in the year 1986. The place is harmonious, with 4 rooms decorated with different themes. Our splendid outdoor garden is the real highlight of our restaurant. Evocative, almost surreal fairytale place, where you can enjoy lunch or dinner, tasting our delicious traditional dishes, accompanied by an excellent bottle of wine, letting yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment.

Hotel Taberna Del Alabardero De Sevilla

$$$$ C. Zaragoza, 20, 41001, Seville
Spanish Fine dining Elegant & Chic
If there is something that characterizes the cuisine of the Taberna del Alabardero it is the flavour, the tradition and the dishes based on seasonal products. A cuisine with attention to the smallest detail that highlights Spanish gastronomy with recipes from yesterday and today. Our cuisine is accompanied by a fine and elegant location, like true gentlemen's. Our menu hits the mark, selecting the best meat and fish dishes, and revisiting everything.

Abades Triana Restaurante

$$$$ C. Betis, 69, 41010, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Abades Triana is located on Betis Street in Seville, next to the Guadalquivir River and opposite the Torre del Oro, in the popular neighborhood of Triana. The panoramic view in the main dining room makes it the perfect enclave to see the river as protagonist and admire the view of the Torre dell'Oro, the Giralda and the Maestranza. The spectacular setting surrounding our restaurant adds to the high professionalism and experience of our team, as well as the quality of the raw materials. We will make you live a unique gastronomic experience, where Innovation and Tradition come together to offer new nuances and flavors.

Los Rincones Del Marqués

$$$$ C. Santiago, 31, 41003, Seville
Spanish International European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Los Rincones del Marqués is what 15th century Seville was for the rest of the world: a beautiful place, nestled in the Hotel Villapanés, a spectacular 18th-century palace, where foreigners and Sevillians can discover the flavours of other cuisines and cultures without losing the Andalusian essence. The proposals of the chef Jorge Cortés represent the cuisine and the origin of a healthy Mediterranean cuisine, which, more than a story, is a healthy way of understanding life, and which reflects the way of being, the way of life and the personality affable and distinct of the Andalusian character.

Eneko Basque

$$$$ Pl. De La Magdalena, 1, 41001, Seville
Spanish Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
His passion and sensitivity, his cultural roots and his link with the surrounding land and its products define the gastronomy of Eneko Atxa. The cuisine - the perfect trilogy of flavour, texture and aesthetics - is rooted in traditional Basque cuisine. The flavour of homemade dishes and grandmother's stews is present in all courses. It is the basis for building innovative structures and techniques and different dishes. Generating pleasure, achieving excellence, creating value, sharing wealth and knowledge and ultimately developing in a sustainable way. Discover the gastronomic proposal of Chef Eneko Atxa.

Restaurante El Duende

$$$$ C/ Gonzalo Jimenez De Quesada, 2, 41092, Seville
Spanish Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
The inspirational and artistic character of our restaurant is the same that sets the rhythm of the gastronomy of the El Duende restaurant. Based on traditional production methods and the authenticity of local products, El Duende offers creations that release a surprising explosion of flavours and sensations. Shapes that change, shape and adapt to the palate while keeping its essence intact. The menu of the El Duende Restaurant plays with traditional recipes and traditional flavours, and they are masterfully renewed to offer a proposal rich in nuances. A selection of the best raw materials, cooked with modernity and tradition, are seasoned with touches of fusion gastronomy.


$$$$ C. Chaves Nogales, 3, 41018, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Elegant & Chic
Specialists in cuisine based on seasonal products, where the distinctive feature of the Tribeca restaurant lies in the undisputed quality of the raw materials. Its menu, renewed every season and reinforced by a wide "Off Menu" offer, offers a revisited and reinterpreted market cuisine, where the flavours of our traditional recipes blend with new forms and culinary structures.

Restaurante Mirador De Sevilla

$$$$ C. Castelar, 24, 41001, Seville
Spanish European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
A unique gastronomic experience in Seville. El Mirador de Sevilla restaurant, located on a charming terrace with the best views of the Seville Cathedral, in the centrally located Hotel Vincci La Rábida (4 *). A magical and privileged space, quiet and panoramic, where you can enjoy a collection of innovative recipes delicately prepared with traditional products of the highest quality. Come and discover the emotions that Seville offers, inspiring the senses through each of the bites you are going to give.


$$$ C. Alcalde José De La Bandera, 7, Y 9, 41003, Seville
Spanish Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Understanding our philosophy is to immerse yourself completely in traditional Andalusian dishes, in a gastronomic tradition that has grown century after century and has a clear Arab influence. A signature cuisine that captures the traditional flavors of the south and presents them from an updated and contemporary vision. Flavor, creativity, consistency and presentation condense the essence of our gastronomic proposal. As a maxim: respect for high quality products, always favoring the entry of seasonal ingredients.

El Disparate

$$$$ Alameda De Hércules, 11, 41002, Seville
Spanish International European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
El Disparate is among the most renowned restaurants in the Seville area. It is counted among the most beautiful and elegant places in the Andalusian capital, with its innovative, gourmet cuisine, and presents its dishes in a unique way. The Spanish tradition is kept intact, but it also goes outside the Iberian borders, ranging over the European territory and beyond. The restaurant presents itself in a refined way, with futurist architecture, also having a terrace overlooking the city, the perfect place for a candlelit dinner.
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